Friday, August 11, 2017

A Sexy TREASURE TRAIL and Masculine Specimen

Hello, everyone. I hope everyone has a restful and healing weekend.

This photo is thanks to our prolific contributor, Kevin.  He sent a bevy of male beauties today in an email.  This one was his favorite.

There a few more that are equally as amazing.  I'll show them to you in the next few days or week.  Kevin always proves that not all men, chose to obliterate their god-given assets by shaving their natural hairiness.

This man is gorgeous.  His trail is completely enticing.  He's got a gorgeous body.  I suspect he's 'scaped most of it.  But he is amazing, nonetheless.  I love his come hither look and pose.  The fact his tight, white underwear is pealed back on one side presenting his beautiful bush/pubic hair in the most enticing manner.  Look at that huge vein that runs on his left groin down to his pubes.  I suspect it powers a mighty amazing, treasure.

Kevin, this is an ideal specimen!


  1. By the glint in this guys gorgeous eyes. he's a right old tease! x

  2. Not to be too technical, but veins don't power anything. The arteries are solely responsible for this or any other man's erection, and they're not at the surface so it's impossible to admire them visually. The veins are just the drain pipes that take over once the arteries have delivered. That said, consistent cardio workouts will stimulate vein development, as the body's return ducts have to be in good shape in order to support a vigorous heart and arteries. So I DO admire a nice set of veins, especially on the arms and guns, because they demonstrate that a man has given his vascular system some serious loading.

    1. Chris, thanks for your post. I appreciated that you educated me and others who weren't really educated on these things. I still admire veins though on men. Many men have a large vein that runs the length of their cocks. I always thought that was one component for an erection. Is that true?

      I appreciate your contribution. I love technicality and an educational conversation.