Sunday, August 27, 2017

YES PLEASE: JUST the Treasure Trail

This is one of several exquisite specimens that Kevin Conus sent to me on my birthday.  I'll just keep showing these as a birthday gift, even though my birthday was on the Aug 23.

This dude is obviously very proud of his trail and wants to show it off.  He also has an admirer helping him.  I first thought that he was commando but there is a faint hint of blue underwear, I think?

I love the the emphatic long thin line that starts at the bottom of his chest.   It is a dispersed around the belly button and below.  This is a beauty.

All of those of you who are in the Texas coast and Houston I hope you are safe!


  1. Yep. A hint of a waistband there. But, to each his own, right? Some guys just don't feel comfortable without undies.

  2. For me, a guy with a belly this hot, so perfectly haired, with a happy trail from pecs to pubes and a gorgeous vertical elongated belly button - doesn't even need a dick -THAT'S how uber sexy this belly is. Undies come off just as quickly as jeans do btw ;)

  3. Perfect trail....I love black jeans or any guy in black it seems such a sexy colour...may I add my sincere best wishes to all folks in distress at the moment and difficulties in southern Texas...Robby in the UK